Venda Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Venda is a WordPress theme that is retina ready and comes with a responsive design, perfect if you are building a business website. It can be used not just for business though but for a variety of purposes. It comes with a lot of elements and features, which you can utilize if you want to build a website quickly. Venda has been designed the way you like it. It promises to amaze you the minute you buy it. The flexibility of Venda is simply amazing. A powerful options panel will allow you to turn each feature on and off. You can use the features to take advantage of what the theme has to offer.

When I found out what I really could do with kitchen shears , I ended up with them as frequently as my knives! It's tremendous useful to truly have a quality couple of shears that can accomplish all sorts of family tasks. You can find mainly two types of kitchen shears. The initial are poultry scissors culinary with circular blades (this allows you to cut about bones and hard-to-reach regions of a chicken). The next sort are straight-bladed multi-purpose shears. To revive you scissors and shears in between qualified maintenance, flip several items of aluminum foil and cut through them several times. Or you should use additional fine-grain sandpaper with the wheat area up and cut through several times.

Premium paddles are generally the newest and usually the most high priced paddles which can be usually endorsed/used by celebrity players. Wood paddles are the smallest amount of expensive but may also be the largest and do not give that wonderful “pop” that players love. Most players may graduate easily from timber to a composite/graphite paddle therefore if you're new to pickleball and trying to find your first paddle, I would recommend that you read pickleball paddle guide and go for a medium listed composite or graphite paddle straight away. If you are somebody who always wants the most effective, go for a premium paddle.

Although my child recieved a grocery store cart cover for her baby shower. Quickly I will certainly require one to take my granddaughter to the store with me. I additionally made one for a close friend who baby sits her granddaughter. Although it's large sufficient to cover large carts, the saggy seat works wonders as a high chair cover, as well. I wriggle whenever I see those grimy high chairs at restaurants, specifically the wood ones that are scarred as well as have germs expanding in the slats. The safety belt is meant to weave behind at least one slat of the cart for safety, however I seldom get to that.

This ninja voltage android hack allows people to acquire admittance the many based along with premium top features of the particular game. It's easy to receive the many available resources this game is having. The dragon ball legends mod is out there for platforms (Android & IOS). No problem which usually system people are applying that mod rise of kingdoms does improve both. Ultimately although not minimal that game app cheats is usually totally free of cost. Not any reviews need to total including most of other sites do. Simply get the tool from the connection mount along with enjoy. Remember to discuss them using your friends if you revel in this. claim robux along with Key to all customers across the world. Love the entire gambling experience with the computer software gimmick. Dragon city reroll apk offers you all the mandatory factors in order to complete the game and by exchange points for giftcards rule regarding all game levels, free, you will not have to pay. All of us invest the time frame and knowledge in order to choose this operate hacking merge dragons proceed without having errors. It`s user-friendly and uncomplicated everywhere with lots of charm. Enjoy the gambling experience along with discuss your own standing using your leading friends. Anyone is able to realize remarkable degrees inside the game very quick out of currently on.

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Divi WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress theme is by far the most powerful theme ever released by elegantthemes. Described as the most flexible and smartest theme in their collection, Divi features a state of the art page builder and a collection of powerful modules that will allow you to build pages from scratch. These will provide you full creative control over your site.

What makes Divi WordPress theme unique is that all elements are created with the builder. Every component of your site is a building block which could be arranged and customized any way you like it. This provides full control as well as really energetic and unique pages. Previous offerings from elegantthemes are confined to single layouts. With Divi WordPress theme, the design is broken into distinct elements that have limitless potentials. Continue reading

Free Web Fonts

25+ Free Web Fonts for Your Design

A lot of great free web fonts can be found all over the internet. Therefore, you do not need to have cash in order to have nice looking typefaces in your designs.

At present, there are different methods of using “non-system” fonts on the web. The most simple of these are @font-face rule and Google Web Fonts. You will be able to find awesome free fonts, but you should not ignore paid types like FontsDotCom, WebINK, Fontdeck, Typekit and Webtype if you need something special that can’t be found for free.

Below is our selection of more than 25 free web fonts for your next web design project. Take note that web fonts can create inadequate visualizations on systems with disabled subpixel rendering like Windows XP. It can also have different representation, depending on the browser you are using.

Thus, this post can help with your choice of fonts. If you think I missed some amazing free web fonts, please share them with us through the comment section below. You may also share this post with colleagues who are looking for great free web fonts.
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How to Effectively Manage Your WordPress Sidebar

Widgets are invaluable parts of any WordPress website. You can quickly add forms, menu items, and other page building blocks any part of the template that the developer have widgetized. Today it is common that themes have multiple sidebars / widget areas and especially home page templates often have many built in widget placeholders.

Since the WordPress widget and sidebar system originally was designed to support blogging themes with one or two sidebars, it easily gets crowded and hard to manage when there are many sidebar definitions and many widgets installed. I am sure you are familiar with the situation where you try to drag a widget to a sidebar that is not visible on the screen and where you need to scroll and drag at the same time.

One solution to this problem is to use a widget manager plugin that specifically address the usability problems in WordPress. Sane Widget Sidebar Management is a good option, and it will help you work more effectively with you widgets and sidebars.

The solution is simple and effective. Instead of the long list of sidebars, this plugin hide all but one you select via a dropdown. This eliminated the situation where you are trying to drag a new widget from the left column to a sidebar at the bottom of the right column outside the visible are on the screen.

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20+ Smart WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Extensions

WordPress WooCommerce plugins provide the possibility of adding useful features to your e-commerce website. Maybe you want advanced options for showcasing your products? Maybe you’re looking for a plugin that will do SEO tasks for you or add more payment options? Or maybe you want to add your business name, shop address, policies/terms and conditions, even personal notes about your business inside you product pages?

As most WordPress users know, WooCommerce is a dominant factor in ecommerce since it came out in 2011. WooCommerce provides that chance to transform your WordPress site into a website that is ready for ecommerce with unlimited features. If you are looking for a way to sell products online, WooCommerce is highly recommended.

In our post for today then, we will introduce to you more than 20 WordPress WooCommerce plugins for your review. If you found your favorite WordPress WooCommerce plugin already and it is not in my list, please share it with us through the comments. You may also share this post with colleagues who might be in need of WordPress WooCommerce plugins. Continue reading


30+ Examples of vCard Website Designs for Inspiration

In this article, we are presenting more than 30 vCard website designs to motivate you spice up your own. vCard design ideas like these can be used as inspiration by individuals, professional freelancers, including graphic designers, photographers, web designers and web developers and more.

Using a vCard or online business card is a common way for people to share contact information to customers, friends and the like. While many decide to use services such as LinkedIn, it is popular especially for creative people to set up a simple website that serve as an online business card or vCard. From a layout and design perspective these sites usually work as an one page design and offer simple way to provide basic information of the owner such as name, business address, job title, social media profiles links, email adds, logos, contact numbers, audio clips and URL’s. Some vCard website designs further include jQuery scripts to add animation effects such as fading, tab navigation and sliding.

Below you will find some examples of vCard website designs that you can use as inspiration or guide in your own design. You should be aware that there are many cool vCard style themes for WordPress available that you can use to build your own vCard website in no time. If you have your own ideas on vCard website designs, please share them with us through the comment section below. If you have friends that might get an extra boost from vCard website designs, help them along by sharing this post with them. Continue reading


Review of Nexus – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

One of major trends right now is that more and more people seek information and news online on demand instead of purchasing printed magazines and newspapers. This is an opportunity to be heard for anyone willing to write and share quality content and getting started is not as hard as many think.

One of the most popular platforms used by bloggers and online magazines is WordPress. It is easy to set up and an excellent tool for publishing content in a busy schedule. In addition, there are so many cool themes and plugins available making it easy to add the features you need and the look and feel you want.

One of the recently released magazine themes for WordPress that you should have a look at is Nexus from ElegantThemes. It is magazine theme with a clean and elegant design and it offers a layout that fit well to a content heavy website. The front page post wall is unique and does a great job when it comes to featuring your top posts. Nexus is fully responsive and adapts well to mobile devices and it comes with plenty of shortcodes, page templates and theme options to help you make the look and feel your own.

The Nexus homepage comes with many useful widget and content areas. The header support a 728x90px banner ad and a logo for your website on the left. Menus are organized below the header and social media icons are supported on the right side. A full width slider is available and this can be be used to present your latest/ trending content. The sidebar can accommodate more content and banner ads if you wish too. Continue reading


50+ Web Design Showcase of Travel Websites

The time where people searched for travel possibilities in huge printed catalogues is long over. Everyone look for ideas, inspiration, reviews and possible destination online.

The availability of travel related websites have exploded and every interesting location such as cities, restaurants, beaches, museums etc. is documented in high detail and often with real people reviews, recommendations and experiences.

The web is simplhy a huge treasure trove of information everyone can use to plan the next trip. Whether you want to find out how to get to a destination, where to go, what to avoid or the best accommodations to stay, a travel website can be a huge help.

We cannot travel virtually; however, some web designers are doing a really great job in creating the right look and feel to make the visitors start dreaming. Their efforts not only save us valuable time but also feed our desires to travel. Travel websites usually feature attractive and high quality photos to start this mental process.

Some travel websites are informational and owned by government, state or tourism organizations, while others are highly commercial and setup by marketing brokers, travel businesses or hotels

In this article, I have collected more than 50 great examples of travel websites that can stimulate your creativity. If you work as a web designer for a business in a travel related industry, I am sure that you will find inspiration from the collection of travel website examples available in this article. Today many travel websites are setup using the popular WordPress platform using a travel oriented theme. This may be a great strategy for kickstarting your project. If you are an individual lokking for new ideas for your next trip, you may also find the collection to be a useful source for new ideas.

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20+ Examples of Clouds and Skies in Web design

We see cloud symbols used a lot in marketing and design. Clouds represent many different things – the traditional symbolism relate clouds to the spiritual and divine and recently clouds have been one of the major buzz words in the IT industry. Cloud computing and cloud services is one of the hot trends and the transition towards cloud is still going strong as more and more business services are made available as SaaS (software as a Service). Finally clouds and skies represent nature.

Clouds and skies as design elements in web design is a popular approach. Some have animated clouds moving across the screen. Other websites use photographs or illustrations with clouds and skies as important elements. This type of websites could be a great source of inspiration if you are working on a design for a new website.

In this article, I present you with great examples of websites using clouds and skies – some very sparingly while others went all the way and based their creations around them. These examples were created by people who are passionate about their craft and can serve as inspiration for you when you are designing your own project.

I would love to know what you think of these design examples. Have I managed to present the best use of clouds and skies in web design or did I miss your favorite? Have you seen some great examples of clouds and skies in web design that were not included in this post then let me know? Please let us know about your thoughts and suggestions through the comment section below. If you have associates that might be inspired by clouds and skies in web design examples, you are welcome to share this post with them.

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Review: LivIcons for WordPress – Animated Vector Icons

In this review we are going to take a look at LivIcons for WordPress. It is an interesting plugin that will make it easy for you to use animated icons on your WordPress website.

An icon is defined as a pictogram displayed on a computer screen to improve user’ experience and ease navigation. Today, icons play a huge role not only in the mainstream desktop navigation, but also in website development. Links, menus, and content areas can be improve by implementing icons or even replaced by icons. Using icons does not only provide a straightforward way to navigate, but also a clean and modern approach to the overall look of your website.

If you want to use icons on your website and be able to have animated icons, as well, you will need a WordPress theme or plugin with this feature. LivIcons for WordPress is a quite interesting plugin designed for this particular job. You don’t have to be an expert in graphics design to add beautifully crafted icons. The plugin is a set cross-browser icons built with JavaScript and each of the icons has an individual mini animation. The icons are based on SVG (scalable vector graphic) in modern browsers and VML (vector markup language) in IE6 – IE8 for a clean and perfect view in any devices. The icons are also ready for retina screens.

LivIcons is a premium plugin and you need to buy it in order to access the icons.
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