20+ WordPress Advertising Management Plugins

With WordPress advertising management plugins, it is possible to get more flexibility and control of what ads you are accepting and what you charge for the service. WordPress has become more and more popular due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface and the number of websites and blogs using WordPress themes grows day-by-day. Many bloggers use advertising to get a bit in return for their writing efforts. Typically it requires massive traffic to earn a living from the popular ad networks and selling your own ad spots as well may help raising the income to an acceptable level.

One of the upsides of using WordPress platforms is the many extensions that add functionality you need. It is possible to find various types WordPress ad management plugins you can use to take full control of how ads are sold and placed. Ad plugins for WordPress are typically easy to install and help you maintain your website advertising campaigns. In addition, some WordPress advertising plugins even lets you sell your ad spot online. This is a huge advantage compared to WordPress ad plugins where you have to handle the sales process manually. The plugins will work with most WordPress blog themes, but in some cases, you may need to do some coding to integrate the ad presentation into the layouts. If you are also looking for some blog themes I recommend you check out this article at Creativecan.com.

I have collected some of the best WordPress advertising management plugins you can use to generate more revenue from your blog.

AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager – MORE INFO / DEMO


AdPress is a premium plug-in to manage Ads. It’s a powerful and fully featured platform to sell and display ads for your WordPress blog.

Simple Ads Manager – MORE INFO


Simple Ads Manager is an easy to use plugin providing a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

Ad Rotate – MORE INFO


Get the most intuitive ad manager and start making money with your website. Add and manage the ads from the dashboard and show a random banner, or multiple, on your site. This plugin supports unlimited groups for banners allowing to tie certain banners to different areas of the website. Easy management from the dashboard allows you to quickly oversee, add and edit banner code or renew/delete and add new ads.

Vidkube Interactive Video Ad Builder for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


VidKube is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to build interactive ads within YouTube videos posted on your WordPress website. VidKube allows you to add images, text, buttons, shapes and any type of content including Adsense or any other content from other ad network. Ads can stop/play video forcing user to take action on certain moments.

60 Second Ad Manager – MORE INFO / DEMO


60 Second Ad Manager is a premium plug-in to manage your WordPress ads. It is powerful, simple and elegant tool to use.

Ad Code Manager – MORE INFO


Manage your ad codes through the WordPress admin in a safe and easy way. Ad Code Manager gives non-developers an interface in the WordPress admin for configuring your complex set of ad codes.

WP Pro Advertising System – MORE INFO / DEMO


The WP PRO Advertising System WordPress Plugin allows you to manage advertisements on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to put advertisements on your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & adzones, track clicks, impressions & CTR all in just a few seconds.



Easy management of 125×125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.

Banner Manager Pro – MORE INFO / DEMO


Banner Manager Pro is a plugin which allows you to manage and sell banner spots on your WordPress website. You can set as many different types of banners as you wish, sell them directly to advertisers, and accept payments through multiple payment gateways (PayPal, AlertPay/Payza, InterKassa, Authorize.Net, Skrill/Moneybookers). You don’t have to pay any commission fee to ad networks, because now you can work directly with advertisers. It’s really easy: install the plugin and start making more money today.



Wp-Insert is the most powerful yet easiest to use WordPress ad management plugin which does a lot more than ad management.

Interstitial Ads For WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Interstitial Ads for WordPress is the only plugin of it’s kind that allows you to show immersive Interstitial Ads on any WordPress powered site. Make your traffic work for you and turn your WordPress site into a cash cow by pushing ads, subscription offers, trials, etc.

Ad Manager WP/BB – MORE INFO


Use this plugin to quickly and easily insert Any Ad code Unit to your posts and BuddyPress sections including Forum topics.

Ad Space Platform – MORE INFO


Manage and monetize all your virtual ad spaces for FREE using Adspace Platform. This plugin displays a banner and/or advertise with us button on your WordPress website using Adspace Platform API allowing you to manage and sell your ad spaces effectively.

uAd – Advertising For WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


uAd is a complete Advertising package by uDesignStudios. It has been first created as an additional feature to a WordPress themes, but has been made into a separate plugin.

Ad Squares Widget – MORE INFO


Supports AdSense®, Javascript, XHTML and PHP code. This widget makes it possible for you to display 125×125 ad squares ( or some other configurable size ) into a widget-ready bar for WordPress®. You can have just 2 squares, or as many as 8 running together. It also supports multi-widget options.

NagAds – WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


The main feature of this WordPress plugin is showing ads in a modal box (lightbox kind) on your blog’s pages. You can show ads of different kind such as an image, a SWF file, a YouTube video, an iFrame and you can even embed your own code. You can easily add, edit and remove ads from the plugin settings page, you can also edit various styling settings like the background color (overlay or in the box), the border color. You can also set an image to ad some texture to your overlay background. There is a cookie system embeded that will allow you to manage for how long the ads will not show.

Amy Lite – MORE INFO

Creates and manages ads and campaigns. You can assign zones to your blog and activate ads in them. The ads of the active campaigns will be rotated in the zones.

WP Adshare Revenue – MORE INFO / DEMO


WPAdshare is a simple way to share Google AdSense Revenue with Authors and Editors on any WordPress site. If you are familiar with Squidoo or Hubpages, you may have noticed that they reward their authors by allowing them some share of revenue. Hubpages allow  writers to submit their Google Adsense Publisher ID to be used within the writers post. That is the feature that WP Adshare is offering. Encourage writers to create more popular posts for your site. Additionally, if you simply just want a way to ad your Google Adsense Ads to your site, this is also a great solution.

Buy Sell Ads – MORE INFO


This official BuySellAds.com WordPress plugin gives you two extremely simple ways to insert your BSA code. You have the option to use Widgets or manually insert a single function that returns your desired Ad Zone.

WP Pre Advertisement – MORE INFO / DEMO


This WordPress Plugin allows you to show an advertisement before showing the actual post. The plugin first loads an advertisement and shows a countdown. As soon as the countdown finishes the actual post gets loaded.

WordPress Ad Manager – MORE INFO / DEMO


WordPress Ad-Manager offers you a simple solution to implement advertising into your posts, your blog or any other WordPress page. You can use pictures and images or HTML snippets like Google AdSense to incorporate advertising in an easy way. You are able to select ads via Ad Zones, to re-size them or to limit the height or the width. WordPress Ad-Manager also offers statistics.


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